Working Groups

Asia-Pacific Working Group

Our group caters for the MD4SG community in the Asia Pacific region. Because we are on the opposite side of the globe to the United States, our timezone is not a good match for many MD4SG events. We meet online every second Tuesday at 16h00 AEST. Please contact the working group organizer if you would like to join the group. We focus on a variety of topics, much like the very first MD4SG working group.


Summary of the 2020 sessions

Market Design in Education

Led by Kentaro Tomoeda.

Reading: What Really Matters in Designing School Choice Mechanisms by Parag Pathak.


Diversity in Education Markets

Led by Emil Temnyalov.

Reading: "Explicit vs. Statistical Targeting in Affirmative Action: Theory and Evidence from Chicago's Exam Schools" (2020) by by Umut Dur, Parag Pathak and Tayfun Sönmez.


Fairness and Predictive Policing

Led by Ashley Khor.

Readings: A Snapshot of the Frontiers of Fairness in Machine Learning by Alexandra Chouldechova and Aaron Roth and page 131-141 of Predictive Policing: The Argument for Public Transparency by Erik Bakke.


Defining Fairness

Led by Jaeho Lee.

Reading: Prediction-Based Decisions and Fairness: A Catalogue of Choices, Assumptions, and Definitions by Shira Mitchell, Eric Potash, Solon Barocas, Alexander D'Amour, and Kristian Lum.


Applications of Remote Sensing

Led by Gabriel Tseng.

Reading: Machine learning can help get COVID-19 aid to those who need it most by Joshua Blumenstock.


Foster Care

Led by Allan Hernández-Chanto.

Reading: Review of the Foster Care System by the Queensland Family & Child Commission



Working Group Organizer

Matthew Olckers Postdoctoral Researcher Monash University

Working Group Members

Alexander Lam Graduate Student UNSW
Irene Lo Assistant Professor Stanford University
Alexandru Nichifor Senior Lecturer University of Melbourne
Sanket Shah Graduate Student Harvard University
Zhengyang Bao Graduate Student Monash University
Allan Hernandez Chanto Lecturer University of Queensland
Siqi Pan Lecturer University of Melbourne
Kentaro Tomoeda Senior Lecturer University of Technology Sydney
Gabriel Tseng Machine Learning Engineer Okra Solar
Emil Temnyalov Lecturer University of Technology Sydney
Ashley Khor Graduate Student University of Pittsburgh
Jaeho Lee Postdoctoral Researcher KAIST
Xiaoxia Lei Graduate Student Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Haris Aziz Associate Professor UNSW
Memunat Ibrahim Graduate Student ANU
Alexandros Karakostas Postdoctoral Researcher University of Queensland
Nam Ho-Nguyen Lecturer University of Sydney
Ivan Balbuzanov Senior Lecturer University of Melbourne