Working Groups

Data Economies and Data Governance

The data economies and data governance working group aims to better understand the challenges that arise across the data pipeline from creation, ownership, accessibility, and sharing to data analysis and use. We are especially interested in understanding how access and sharing affect the benefits of the global data economy, and whether benefits are distributed evenly among communities in the Global North and South. In addition to data accessibility, sharing and data colonialism, we study related topics such as privacy, security, and the cultural norms that govern these practices.

The project page for the group is available at this link.


Working Group Organizers

Ali Alkatib Director of the Center for Applied Data Ethics University of San Francisco
Charles Cui Ph.D. Student in Computer Science Northwestern University

Working Group Members

Rediet Abebe Junior Fellow Harvard University
Elie Alhajjar Assistant Professor United States Military Academy
Endris Mohammed Ali PhD Student Adama Science and Technology University
Kehinde Aruleba Researcher University of Witwatersrand
Matt Boulos Entrepreneur Cognomos Inc.
Charles Cui Ph.D. Student in Computer Science Northwestern University
Mihaela Curmei Ph.D. Student UC Berkeley
Su Goh Undergraduate Student McGill University
Lauri Goldkind Associate Professor Fordham University
Abhishek Gupta Founder Montreal AI Ethics Institute
Andy Haupt Ph.D. Student in Social & Engineering Systems MIT
Rebecca Jones Ph.D. Candidate Brigham Young University
Matthew Kenney Assistant Research Professor Duke University
Jackson Killian Ph.D. Student in Computer Science Harvard University
Zachary Kilhoffer Researcher Centre for European Policy Studies
Sara Kingsley Ph.D. Scholar Carnegie Mellon University
Kweku Kwegyir-Aggrey Ph.D. Student Brown University
Krystal Maughan Ph.D. Student University of Vermont
Eric Mibuari Ph.D. Student Harvard University
Aatish Neupane
Bikalpa Neupane Ph.D. Student in Informatics & Human Computer Interaction State College, Pennsylvania
Nkiru Odu Ph.D. Student in Computer Science African University of Science and Technology, Abuja
Ifeoma Okoh MSc. Student University of Ibadan
Ahmed Babajide Olanrewaju System Analyst University of Ibadan
Yim Register Ph.D. Student University of Washington
Sekou Remy Research Scientist IBM, Africa
Josh Rudow City of Austin
Preethi Seshadri Ph.D. Student University of California, Irvine
Lewis Tanguhwar Researcher University of Agriculture, Makurdi
Yixin Wang Ph.D. Student in Statistics Columbia University
Mark E. Whiting Postdoc University of Pennsylvania