Working Groups


The MD4SG Development working group fosters collaboration and discussion amongst practitioners and academics to understand and tackle issues pertaining to the role and application of technology in addressing challenges in emerging nations and under-resourced settings. We study how techniques from algorithm and mechanism design, computational social science, and optimization can inform and help advance existing development policies and practices.

Ongoing Projects

Test & Attend: reopening schools
  • Project Lead(s): Edwin Lock and Jakob Jonnerby
  • Project Summary: This project aims to develop a strategy for reopening and running schools amid a pandemic (such as COVID-19) using minimal testing resources.
  • Project Members (active): Michelle Gonz├ílez Amador, Simon Finster, Francisco Marmolejo, Meareg Hailemariam.
Multi-Modal Data for Improved Prediction in Low-Data Settings
  • Project Lead(s): Ezinne Nwankwo and Elizabeth Bondi
  • Project Summary: In a lot of resource-constrained settings, data is often scarce or hard to collect. We want to investigate alternative data sources which may be more easily accessible. For example, what if we could augment ground-level, crowdsourced data with remote sensing data to potentially build a better predictive model and reach a better outcome.
  • Project Members (active): Ezinne Nwankwo (Duke University), Elizabeth Bondi (Harvard University), Dina Machuve (Nelson Mandela African Institution of Science and Technology), Chinasa T. Okolo (Cornell University), Fanqi Zeng (University of Bristol), Jimi Kim (University of Texas at Dallas), Shivam Gupta

Past Projects


Selected Readings


Working Group Organizers

Tejumade Afonja Graduate Student Saarland University
illenin kondo Senior Research Economist Federal Reserve Bank of Minneapolis

Working Group Members

Rediet Abebe Junior Fellow Harvard University
Michelle González Amador Ph.D. Fellow in Economics and Governance UNU-MERIT / Maastricht University
Pradeep Balachandran Technical Consultant Independent
Elizabeth Bondi PhD Candidate Harvard University
Siphelele Danisa Graduate Student Univ. of Toronto and University of Cape Town
Yves Dusenge Software Engineer and ML Engineer Eltoro
Olumurejiwa Fatunde PhD Candidate Massachusetts Institute of Technology/td>
Simon Finster PhD Candidate in Economics University of Oxford
Cynthia Habonimana Undergraduate Student California State University-Long Beach
Meareg Hailemariam Adjunct Lecturer DAUST/td>
Alex ben Hassine Predoctoral Fellow University of Chicago
Jacob Jonnerby DPhil Candidate in Physics University of Oxford
Lynn Kirabo Ph.D. Student in Computer Science Carnegie Mellon University
Irene Lo Assistant Professor in Management Science & Engineering Stanford University
Edwin Lock Research Fellow Nuffield College, University of Oxford
Dina Machuve Lecturer in Information and Communication Science Nelson Mandela African Institute of Science and Technology
Lindiwe Malobola Masters Student in Computer Science University of the Witwatersrand
Francisco Marmolejo Fellow University of Oxford
George Musumba Lecturer in Computer Science Dedan Kimathi University of Technology
Moses Namara Ph.D Student Clemson University
Ezinne Nwankwo Ph.D. Student in Statistics Duke University
Believe Ohiozua Undergraduate Student University of Benin
Chinasa Okolo Ph.D. Student in Computer Science Cornell University
Ahmed Olanrewaju Lecturer University of Ibadan
Ninad Rajgopal DPhil Candidate in Theoretical Computer Science University of Oxford
Regina Rex Undergraduate Student University of Wisconsin-Superior
Raesetje Sifala Masters Student University of the Witwatersrand
Jean-Michel Sarr Ph.D. Student in Computer Science University of Dakar
Mwiza Simbeye Machine Learning Researcher and Engineering Fellow AgriPredict and Major League Hacking
Michael Yimer Undergraduate Student HiLCoE School of Computer Science and Technology and Addis Ababa Univeristy