Working Groups


Algorithms are often used to supplement or make decisions in a way that ÔÇťoptimizes'' some objective; often, these decisions are made under limited resource constraints specific to the given domain. The MD4SG group on Discrimination and Equity in Algorithmic Decision-making focuses on understanding how these optimization choices, constraints, and mechanisms impact different stakeholders of algorithmic systems. This group has larger biweekly meetings, as well as smaller project subgroups focusing on different research areas such as understanding the impacts of ranking problems and design of resource allocation mechanisms. Larger biweekly group meetings will discuss topics including, but not limited to, long-term effects and feedback loops, impacts of resource constraints, implications of discrimination metrics, and contextualization across different domains such as education, hiring, and the gig economy.

Ongoing Projects


Working Group Organizers

Faidra Monachou Ph.D. Student in Management Science & Engineering Stanford University
Jessica Finocchiaro Ph.D. Student in Computer Science University of Colorado - Boulder