Working Groups

Bias, Discrimination, and Fairness

The MD4SG Bias, Discrimination, and Fairness working group examines the various social ramifications of technological systems that are deployed in real-world settings. We are especially concerned with the perpetuation and normalization of socially unjust practices that occur when seemingly objective tools embed and operate from biased understandings of the world. Drawing on a variety of academic disciplines, we turn our focus inward to assess how various technical approaches can and cannot be more thoughtfully designed and implemented so to prevent the further marginalization of our most vulnerable communities.

Our group consists of bi-weekly seminar-style talks of recent work, project proposals, and subarea overviews.  Below are some examples from Spring 2020:

Recent seminar talks


Ongoing projects


Working Group Organizers

Faidra Monachou Ph.D. Student in Management Science & Engineering Stanford University
Jessica Finocchiaro Ph.D. Student in Computer Science University of Colorado - Boulder
Duncan McElfresh PhD Candidate in Applied Mathematics University of Maryland - College Park

Working Group Members

Grace Abuhamad Advisor Element AI
Ayesha Bhimdiwala Ph.D. Student Indiana University Bloomington
Augustin Chaintreau Associate Professor of Computer Science Columbia University
Lyantoniette Chua Undergraduate Student University of the Philippines Diliman
Ethan Cowan Masters Student Harvard University
Camila Duitama Masters Student in Life Science Informatics University of Bonn
Joshua P. Gardner Ph.D. Student University of Washington
Nikhil Garg Ph.D. Student in Electrical Engineering Stanford University
Paul Gölz Ph.D. Student in Computer Science Carnegie Mellon University
Abhishek Gupta Founder, Machine Learning Engineer Montreal AI Ethics Institute and Microsoft
Amit Haim Masters Student in Law Stanford University
Melissa Hall Engineer Facebook
Melanie Herrmann Postdoctoral Scholar in Psychology and Human Computer Interaction University of Cambridge
Hanke Heun-Johnson Research Associate University of Southern California
Shlomi Hod Ph.D. Student in Computer Science Boston University
Marc Juarez Postdoctoral Researcher University of Southern California
Anson Kahng Ph.D. Student in Computer Science Carnegie Mellon University
Sonia Katyal Law Professor UC Berkeley
Keziah Naggita Ph.D. Student in Computer Science TTIC
Moran Koren Postdoctoral Scholar Stanford University
Aleksandra Korolova Assistant professor of Computer Science University of Southern California
Michaela Lee Tech and human rights researcher Business for Social Responsibility and Berkman Klein Center
Xiaofeng Liao Postdoctoral Researcher University of Amsterdam
Roland Maio Ph.D. Student in Computer Science Columbia University
Piotr Mardziel Research Scientist Carnegie Mellon University
Raymond Onuoha Ph.D. Student University of Cape Town
Panagiotis Papadakos Postdoctoral Scholar Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas
Gourab K Patro Ph.D. Student in Computer Science Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur
Milo Phillips-Brown Postdoctoral Scholar MIT
Manish Raghavan PhD Student in Computer Science Cornell University
Alexander Ritchie Ph.D. Student in Eletrical Engineering and Computer Science University of Michigan - Ann Arbor
Manuel Sabin Ph.D. Student UC Berkeley
Jakob Schoeffer Ph.D. Student in Applied A.I. Karlsruhe Institute of Technology
Preethi Seshadri Data Scientist UnifyID
Ana-Andreea Stoica Ph.D. Student in Computer Science Columbia University
Stratis Tsirtsis Ph.D. Student in Computer Science Max Planck Institute for Software Systems
AnnMargaret Tutu Freelance Engineer/Researcher
Briana Vecchione Ph.D. Student in Information Science Cornell University
Meike Zehlike Ph.D. Student in Computer Science Max Planck Institute for Software Systems