Working Groups


The MD4SG Housing working group brings together researchers from the fields of computer science, operations research, and economics who share a deep interest in affordable housing policy. We study how recent techniques in mechanism design, algorithmic game theory, machine learning, and econometrics can shed light on affordable housing issues such as efficiently allocating affordable housing services, enforcing fair housing laws, and reducing housing instability. More broadly, we are interested in how to design incentives to increase fairness and efficiency in housing markets.


Working Group Organizer

Daniel Waldinger Postdoctoral Research Fellow NYU Furman Center

Working Group Members

Rediet Abebe Ph.D. Student in Computer Science Cornell University
Maxwell Allman Ph.D. Student in Mangement Science & Engineering Stanford University
Lenore Cowen Professor of Computer Science, and (by courtesy), Mathematics Tufts University
Sanmay Das Associate Professor of Computer Science & Engineering Washington University in St. Louis
Jonathan Shi Ph.D. Studnet in Computer Science Cornell University
Sam Taggart Assistant Professor of Computer Science Oberlin College