Working Groups

Latin America and Caribbean


The MD4SG Latin America and Caribbean (LAC) group aims to develop a new topical focus on issues relevant to the region. This semester’s focus will be on addressing challenges through a  social cohesion and integration lens. Major themes include: migration (especially the Venezuelan diaspora), crime (with a focus on youth crime), and education (integrating/engaging at risk youth in educational systems). We welcome members to join our upcoming bilingual (English and Spanish) meetings. Currently our capacity for new members is small due to the new nature of the group, but our goal is to grow throughout 2021, so please feel free to reach out to learn more about our schedule and how to get involved over the year!



The main forum of discussion for these topics will be bi-weekly meetings of an hour in length. Each meeting will address a different topic (the list of which can be found on the website), and we expect members of the group to prepare short presentations on relevant papers to kick-start discussions for each meeting. In addition, for select topics we will also bring guest speakers who are experts in the field to share their work with us.


Topics / Selected Papers

The following papers are examples of the types of paper we are thinking of reading together. We note that this list is not exhaustive, and we do not expect members to have read these papers prior to joining the group.



The Venezuelan Refugee Crisis

EconCS / Optimisation Techniques for Refugee Integration

Migration to the USA from LAC

Juvenile Crime

Social Reintegration

Access to Education


Policies as Tools for Societal / Socioeconomic Integration


Working Group Organizers

Francisco Marmolejo-Cossío Career Development Fellow in Computer Science Balliol College, University of Oxford
Michelle González Amador PhD Fellow, School of Business and Economics Maastricht University / United Nations University (UNU-MERIT)
Mariajose Silva-Vargas PhD Fellow, School of Business and Economics Maastricht University / United Nations University (UNU-MERIT)
Juan Felipe Penagos Strategy & Business Development Fundación Ceiba

Working Group Members

Alejandro Robinson-Cortés Lecturer in Economics University of Exeter
Alvaro Altamirano Montoya Economics Consultant Inter-American Development Bank
Andrés Abeliuk Computational Social Science Universidad de Chile
Cami Bohórquez Social Complex Systems Fundación CEIBA
Christian Ramirez Romero Research Coordinator in Social Communication Universidad San Ignacio de Loyola/ SEMICOM
Daniela Cialfi Postdoctoral researcher in Economy of complexity University of Chieti-Pescara
Diego Santa Maria Research Analyst Global Poverty Research Lab - Northwestern University
Elizabeth Salas Evans M.S. Applied Economics - President & CCO Cayena Capital Management
Guilhermo Pagnano Gonzalez Undergraduate Economics and Data Science Student University of California, Berkeley
Isabel Onate Falomir Research Manager Global Poverty Research Lab - Northwestern University
Ivan Meresman Higgs Signal Processing Electrical Engineer
Mathias Weidinger Graduate Student in Economics and Public Policy Maastricht University / UNU-MERIT
Mitzi Bandera Computer Science Student UCLA
Patricia Cabero Tapia Faculty Professor in Technology & Management Universidad Católica Boliviana "San Pablo"
Patricia Hernández García PhD in Management Universidad Autónoma de San Luis Potosí
Rodrigo Mendoza-Smith CEO Quine Technologies LTD
Salvador Ruiz Corea CEO Quine Technologies LTD
Tilsa Ore-Monago Faculty Professor in a Department of Economics Universidad de Piura (Peru)
Vitor Cavalcante Research Assitant in Development Economics Insper/NOVAFRICA/Free University of Bozen-Bolzano