Working Groups

Algorithms, Law, and Policy

Algorithms are deployed “in the wild” in numerous sectors of public and private industry, including medicine, law, education, and employment. Many of these sectors are grappling with how laws and policies are shaped by, responding to, and leveraging this pervasive use of algorithms. The MD4SG Working Group on Algorithms, Law, and Policy focuses on this complex relationship between algorithms and mechanisms on the one hand and law and policy on the other hand. Some of the topics the group will work on include but are not limited to free speech, content moderation, antitrust, the use of “black box” machine learning models, data-driven algorithms, and decision-support tools. We study the real-world impacts of these methods through the lens of law and public policy. We also aim to support law and policy practitioners through, for instance, providing digital forensic expert assistance. This group is starting in Spring 2021 and grew out of the earlier Bias, Discrimination, and Fairness working group.


Working Group Organizers

Doaa Abu-Elyounes Postdoctoral Researcher Harvard University, Sciences Po Law School
Duncan McElfresh PhD Candidate, Applied Mathematics University of Maryland, College Park