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Online Labor Markets

The rise of online labor markets presents a novel set of opportunities to increase efficiency and reduce frictions. At the same time, these advances come with a number of challenges, many of which are not yet fully understood. The MD4SG Online Labor Markets working group consists of researchers from a variety of backgrounds who are interested in recognizing and tackling these challenges. We draw upon our perspectives from disciplines such as computer science, economics, game theory, and operations research to address social issues related to and perpetuated by online labor markets.


Spring 2019 Presentations

Presenter Title Abstract
Irene Lo Theory of Online Labor Markets


In this talk, I will be presenting a summary of the following papers:
Sara Kingsley Online Labor Market Research: Case Studies, Methods & Questions


Relevant Links:
Shreyas Sekar The Effect of (advance) Subscription Pricing in Ride-sharing Systems

Fall 2018 Presentations

Presenter Title Abstract
Anson Kahng Incentivizing Effort with Bids Consider a setting in which n agents each answer a set of m pairwise comparison questions, and further assume that there exists a ground truth answer to each question. For each question, an agent can choose to not put in effort, which costs the agent nothing and means that they get the question right with some probability, or put in effort at a cost, which means they get the question right with higher probability. We study the problem of incentivizing agents to put in effort when evaluating questions by giving each agent a budget B with which to bid on questions, where each bid gets mapped to a weight via some subadditive function f and each agent receives payoff equal to the sum of the weights on questions she got correct minus the cost of effort. In particular, what kind of function f best incentivizes effort?
Faidra Monachou Social bias and discrimination in online markets

Working Group Organizers

Manish Raghavan Ph.D. Student in Computer Science Cornell University
Sara Kingsley Researcher

Working Group Members

Kashish Arora Ph.D. Student in Operations Management Cornell University
Nikhil Garg Ph.D. Student in Electrical Engineering Stanford University
Kira Goldner Ph.D. Student in Computer Science University of Washington
Nicole Immorlica Senior Researcher Microsoft Research New England
Anson Kahng Ph.D. Student in Computer Science Carnegie Mellon University
Irene Lo Postdoctoral Scholar in Economics Stanford University
Nick Mattei Assistant Professor Tulane University
Faidra Monachou Ph.D. Student in Management Science & Engineering Stanford University
Matthew Olckers Ph.D. Student in Economics Paris School of Economics
Shreyas Sekar Postdoctoral Fellow Laboratory for Innovation Science at Harvard
�va Tardos Professor of Computer Science Cornell University