MD4SG '20

4th Workshop on Mechanism Design for Social Good

Gather Login and General Information

The main workshop is happening on the platform. This platform provides a 2d layout in which participants can navigate an avatar using the arrow keys. When a group of avatars are in close proximity, a video conference is started. Members of such a group can also share screen to, e.g., go over slides from the talks. The following is a brief guide to the experience.

Zoom Logistics


All oral presentations, keynote speeches and panels will take place on Zoom. Access to the Zoom room will be via gather. In case you have issues with this, please reach out to us.

Live Translation:

This year we are glad to provide real-time interpretaiton between English and Spanish for plenary talks and our panel session. To familiarize yourself with Zoom's interpretation feature, please take a look at this guide

Gather Guide

Setting Up:

We strongly recommend that you give yourself at least a 30 minute margin to enter Gather for the first time. There can be last minute issues when entering the platform, and this way you can ensure you won't miss any workshop events/presentations.

Moving your avatar:

Once you enter Gather, you will take control of an avatar, which you can move around the workshop venue with your arrow keys.

Further Gather logistics:

The guide below contains further details for how to navigate Gather, including how to control interaction distance, how to locate people, how to have private video conversations, how to screenshare, public and private chat etc.