MD4SG '20

4th Workshop on Mechanism Design for Social Good


Organizers: Francisco J. Marmolejo Cossio and Faidra Monachou


Program Chairs

Francisco J. Marmolejo Cossio

Francisco J. Marmolejo Cossio, University of Oxford

Francisco J. Marmolejo Cossio is a Career Development Fellow in Computer Science at Balliol College within the University of Oxford. He is also a Research Fellow at Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK). His research lies at the intersection of Algorithmic Game Theory, Decentralised Consensus Protocols and Computational Learning Theory. His work has focused on establishing query-efficient protocols for equilibrium computation as well as understanding incentives in decentralised systems. Francisco holds a D.Phil. in Computer Science and an M.Sc. in Mathematics and Foundations of Computer Science from the University of Oxford, as well as a B.A. in Mathematics from Harvard University. Francisco is originally from San Luis Potosi, Mexico, and has been co-organizing the development working group since Spring 2019. Francisco has also been co-organizing the MD4SG initiative as a whole since Spring 2020.


Faidra Monachou

Faidra Monachou, Stanford University

Faidra Monachou is a Ph.D. candidate in Operations Research at the Department of Management Science and Engineering at Stanford University, advised by Itai Ashlagi. Her work focuses on market design and matching theory, and aims at understanding the theoretical foundations of socioeconomic problems that arise in large-scale online markets. She is particularly interested in the study of bias and discrimination in the sharing economy, labor markets and education as well as the role of information design and learning in redesigning non-monetary matching markets. Before coming to Stanford, she graduated from National Technical University of Athens in Greece, where she studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. Faidra has been member of the MD4SG initiative since Fall 2018. She has been serving as a co-organizer of the MD4SG Bias, Discrimination, and Fairness working group since Fall 2019.


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