MD4SG '20

4th Workshop on Mechanism Design for Social Good

Poster Sessions

There will be two poster sessions; the first is on Monday, August 17 from 3-4pm 3:30-4:15pm EDT (UTC-4) and the second is on Wednesday August 19 from 11:30am-12:30pm EDT (UTC-4). Below is a list of each poster by day. Some accepted posters will not be presented, and these are listed at the bottom of this page. Vote now for your favorite poster!

Poster Session 1: Monday, August 17, 3-4pm 3:30-4:15pm EDT (UTC-4)

Authors Title Gather Location
Emilie Jackson Availability of the Gig Economy and Long Run Labor Supply Effects for the Unemployed 2-A
Roel Dobbe, Thomas Krendl Gilbert and Yonatan Mintz Hard Choices in Artificial Intelligence 1-C
Jonathan Penn, Christina Colclough and Nathan Freitas WeClock: a self-tracking app to fight wage theft and foster worker wellbeing 1-G
Matthew Jackson, Suraj Malladi and David McAdams Learning through the Grapevine: the Impact of Message Mutation, Transmission Failure, and Deliberate Bias 1-F
Aj Alvero and Sonia Giebel Designing for Fairness in a Post-SAT College Admissions Universe 4-B
Devansh Jalota, Marco Pavone and Yinyu Ye Markets for Efficient Public Good Allocation 2-C
Anil Aswani and Matt Olfat Optimization Hierarchy for Fair Statistical Decision Problems 5-D
Serena Wang, Wenshuo Guo, Harikrishna Narasimhan, Andrew Cotter, Maya Gupta and Michael Jordan Robust Optimization for Fairness with Noisy Protected Groups 5-C
Omar Alejandro Pérez-Cruz, Edgard Alfredo Nande-Vázquez and Juan Carlos Martínez-Verdugo The indebtedness component of state public spending in Mexico. A retrospective analysis of 2012-2016 period 2-H
Renzhe Yu, Qiujie Li, Christian Fischer, Shayan Doroudi and Di Xu Towards Accurate and Fair Prediction of College Success: Evaluating Different Sources of Student Data 4-E
Angela Giraldo Sustainable business models for peace 3-H
Daniel Ngo, Logan Stapleton, Vasilis Syrgkanis and Zhiwei Steven Wu Incentivizing Bandit Exploration:Recommendations as Instruments 5-G
Aradhya Sood Land Market Frictions in Developing Countries: Evidence from Manufacturing Firms in India 3-G
Mauricio Umana, Felipe Perez-Pineda, Pablo Nuño de la Parra, Alfonso Mendoza and Carmen Padilla Measuring the Impact of Shared Value. A Business Case 2-D
Lan Nguyen Predicting the Effect of Affirmative Action Plans in New York City Elite Public High Schools 4-C
Yueyang Zhong, Zhixi Wan and Zuo-Jun Max Shen Queueing Versus Surge Pricing Mechanism: Efficiency, Equity, and Consumer Welfare 2-E
Vegard Nygaard and Elena Falcettoni A Comparison of Living Standards Across the States of America 1-A
Florian Berlinger, Lily Xu and Yiling Chen A High-Performance Graph Model for Near-Optimal Payments for Ecosystem Services 3-B
Roberto Navarro and Yaxk'In Ú Kan Coronado Analysis of agricultural databases for productivity and proper management of water resources in the Mezquital valley region, Mexivo. 3-D
Lok Chan, Kenzie Doyle, Duncan McElfresh, Vincent Conitzer, John P. Dickerson, Jana Schaich Borg and Walter Sinnott-Armstrong Artificial Artificial Intelligence: Measuring Influence of AI 'Assessments' on Moral Decision-Making 1-B
Seth Copen Goldstein, Denizalp Goktas, Miles Conn, Shanmukha Phani Teja Pitchuka, Mohammed Sameer, Maya Shah, Colin Swett, Hefei Tu, Shrinath Viswanathan, Jessica Xiao BoLT: Building on Local Trust to Solve Lending Market Failure 5-E
Kasia Chmielinski and Sarah Newman Building Healthier Models with Dataset 'Nutrition Labels' 4-G
Maria Camila Acevedo García, Maria Alejandra Franco Montoya, Juan Carlos González Vélez and Giovanny Franco Sepúlveda Evaluación de un algoritmo de reconocimiento de zonas asociadas a prácticas mineras ilegales en la extracción de oro de aluvión en Colombia utilizando Machine Learning (ML) 3-E
Sean Sinclair, Gauri Jain, Siddhartha Banerjee and Christina Yu Sequential Fair Allocation of Limited Resources under Stochastic Demands 2-F
Angela Zheng The Valuation of Local School Quality under School Choice 4-D
Bao Kham Chau, Pranoto Iskandar, Harper Lyon, Lily Pagan and Beth Lyon Tracking Xenophobic Twitter Speech To Inform (and Shift) Policy 1-E
Lorayne Finol Romero, Cecilia González Jeria and Maximiliano Núñez Gómez Laboratorio de Derecho y Política Local, propone: Red de Monitoras y Monitores Derecho para Todos 1-D
Juan Virdis, Eugenia Elorza and Fernando Delbianco Optimal mechanism design for health care systems in developing countries: gatekeeping vs co-payments 4-H
Jorge Regalado Bytes de generosidad 4-A
Mamadou Bousso, Allé Dieng, Latif Dramani, Alassane Bah Economical Dependency Evolution and Complexity 2-G
Loyani Loyani, Denis Rubanga and Dina Machuve A deep learning approach for determining effects of tuta absoluta in tomato plants 3-A
Beston Lufyagila, Dina Machuve and Thomas Clemen A Secure IoT Based System for Environmental Conditions Monitoring in Poultry House Using Multi-Factor Authentication 3-C
Tom Ron, Omer Ben-Porat and Uri Shalit Corporate Social Responsibility via Multi-Armed Bandits 5-F
Hope Mbelwa and Dina Machuve Image based poultry disease detection using deep convolution nerual network 3-F
Emil Temnyalov An economic theory of differential treatment 5-A
Randall Ratana, Hamid Sharifzadeh and Jamuna Krishnan A New Zealand Experience: Considerations of Data Collection in Māori Population for Automatic Detection of Schizophrenia using NLP 4-F
Darshan Chakrabarti, Jie Gao, Aditya Saraf, Grant Schoenebeck and Fang-Yi Yu Optimal Local Bayesian Differential Privacy over Markov Chains 1-H
Steven Yin, Shatian Wang, Lingyi Zhang and Christian Kroer Dominant Resource Fairness with Meta Types 5-B
Hadi Hosseini, Andrew Searns and Sawyer Welden Guaranteeing Maximin Shares: Some Agents Left Behind 2-B

Poster Session 2: Wednesday, August 19, 11:30am-12:30pm EDT (UTC-4)

Authors Title Gather Location
Angela Zheng The Valuation of Local School Quality under School Choice 1-A
Gireeja Ranade, Swati Gupta, Akhil Jalan, Helen Yang and Simon Zhuang Approximately optimal solutions for multiple fairness metrics: A case study 3-H
Sritej Attaluri and Sarah Scheffler Proposing Safeguards for Governmentally-Regulated Risk-Assessment Mechanisms 1-C
Emily Aiken, Guadalupe Bedoya, Aidan Coville and Joshua Blumenstock Targeting Humanitarian Response with Machine Learning and Mobile Phone Data 1-F
Katya Klinova, B Cavello and Nicholas Anway What's the responsibility of the AI industry in ensuring that AI serves to create an inclusive global economy? 1-G
Marcela Lopez and Juan Manuel Lozano de Poo Citizen Science and Community Planning: a Socio-environmental Study to Regenerate the Paisanos River in San Luis Potosí 3-A
Jad Salem and Swati Gupta Closing the GAP: Group-Aware Parallelization for the Secretary Problem with Biased Evaluations 5-B
Wanyi Li, Nicole Immorlica and Brendan Lucier Contract Design for Afforestation Programs 3-B
Krishna Dasaratha Distributions of Centrality on Networks 4-F
Diana MacDonald Foster Care: A Dynamic Matching Approach 2-A
Candice Schumann, Zhi Zhang, Nicholas Mattei and John P. Dickerson Group Fairness in Bandits with Biased Feedback 5-C
Yahav Bechavod, Christopher Jung and Z. Steven Wu Metric-Free Individual Fairness in Online Learning 5-D
Hao-Fei Cheng, Paige Bullock, Alexandra Chouldechova, Z. Steven Wu and Haiyi Zhu Soliciting Stakeholders’ Fairness Notions in Child Maltreatment Predictive Systems 4-C
Krystal Maughan and Joe Near Towards a Measure of Individual Fairness for Deep Learning 4-D
Gerard Olivar-Tost Mathematical Modeling for Sustainability 3-D
Stefano Caria, Grant Gordon, Maximilian Kasy, Simon Quinn, Soha Shami and Alexander Teytelboym An Adaptive Targeted Field Experiment: Job Search Assistance for Refugees in Jordan 4-E
Lauren Pak Right to the City: AI for Consumption or Connection? 1-E
Abhishek Gupta, Camylle Lanteigne and Sara Kingsley SECure: A Social and Environmental Certificate for AI Systems 3-G
Masoomali Fatehkia, Isabelle Tingzon, Ardie Orden, Stephanie Sy, Vedran Sekara, Manuel Garcia Herranz and Ingmar Weber Mapping Socioeconomic Indicators Using Social Media Advertising Data 4-G
Meike Zehlike, Philipp Hacker and Emil Wiedemann Matching code and law: achieving algorithmic fairness with optimal transport 4-B
Joao Palotti, Natalia Adler, Alfredo Moralez-Guzman, Jeffrey Villaveces, Vedran Sekara, Manuel Garcia Herranz, Musa Al-Asad and Ingmar Weber Monitoring of the Venezuelan exodus through Facebook's advertising platform 4-H
Emil Chrisander and Andreas Bjerre-Nielsen Prediction Policy for Matching Mechanisms: The Case of School Choice 1-H
Niklas Eder Privacy, Non-Discrimination and Equal Treatment — Developing a Fundamental Rights Response to Behavioural Profiling 2-E
Francesco Fabbri, Francesco Bonchi, Ludovico Boratto and Carlos Castillo The Effect of Homophily on Disparate Visibility of Minorities in People Recommender Systems 2-F
Zsolt Bihary, Péter Csóka, Péter Kerényi and Alexander Szimayer Vulnerability and self-respect in the gig economy: A dynamic principal-agent model 2-C
Yiannis Kanellopoulos and Christos Aridas PyThia: A Reporting Tool on Bias Evaluation and Mitigation 1-D
Stratis Tsirtsis and Manuel Gomez Rodriguez Decisions, Counterfactual Explanations and Strategic Behavior 2-G
Daniel Mutembesa, Ernest Mwebaze, Solomon Nsumba and Chris Omongo Implementation Lessons and Farmer Perspectives; A Case of Low-Cost Crop Sensing at Scale with Smallholder Farmers in a Developing Country. 3-C
Daniel Mutembesa Routing Motorcycle Taxis Participating in Low-Cost Mobile Air Quality Sensing Campaigns in a Developing Country. 3-F
Sahil Deo, Sanjana Krishnan and Neha Sontakke Operationalizing algorithmic explainability in the context of risk profiling done by robo financial advisory apps.
Jerry Anunrojwong, Ozan Candogan and Nicole Immorlica Social Learning Under Platform Influence: Extreme Consensus and Persistent Disagreement 5-A
Lyantoniette Chua A matter of life and death: Social Media, Regimes, and the Global South The Philippines - a case in point 1-B
Edith Elkind, Neel Patel, Alan Tsang and Yair Zick Keeping Your Friends Close: Land Allocation with Friends 2-B
Grant Schoenebeck, Chenkai Yu and Fang-Yi Yu Timely Information from Prediction Markets 2-H
Gabriel Valverde Micro houses and shelters 3-E
Angie Peng, Jeff Naecker, Ben Hutchinson, Andrew Smart and Nyalleng Moorosi Fairness Preferences, Actual and Hypothetical: A Study of Crowdworker Incentives 4-A

Accepted posters, not presented

Authors Title
Mehmet Ahsen, Mehmet Ayvaci and Srinivasan Raghunathan When algorithmic predictions use human-generated data: A bias-aware classification algorithm for breast cancer diagnosis
Josue Ortega, Robert Aue and Thilo Klein What Happens when Separate and Unequal School Districts Merge?
Tomas Larroucau and Ignacio Rios Dynamic College Admissions and the Determinants of Students' Persistence